Botswana Price

You would expect that when there is a “special price” sign on the shelf it is the best deal going on, and that is cheaper to buy in bulk.

Shop management use all manner of deceptions to capture our attention and extract more of our money from us, some of which are prohibited in places where consumer protection is taken seriously.

A simple one to start off with, 2 for slightly more than the price of 1:

Single lemons for P4.95, two in a pack for P12.40
Multiplication matters.

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Slip n Slide Gaborone

So, seems like the fuss about Nasty C has died down and our optimism is back.  A new “first” for Botswana has been touted all over social media, radio stations and at shopping malls.

Yes: Slip N Slide was coming to Gaborone for the long weekend.

Slip n Slide Promo
Slip n Slide Gaborone Promo

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Domestic Rain Water Harvesting – Botswana

With water shortages being in the news for the last few years the question of “Why can’t we catch this water and use it?” pops up on Botswana Twitter.

One of the popular solutions, and frequently implemented on government staff houses in rural areas, is to put gutters on houses and direct the collected rainwater into plastic water tanks.  Seems like a great idea, but how do the numbers add up?

I did a few calculations using data from our weather station for the 2014-2015 period and it is interesting, with different answers depending on circumstances (no surprise there, then). Continue reading “Domestic Rain Water Harvesting – Botswana”

Trucking Botswana

Botswana is on one of the main transit routes from the coast (Durban, Walvis Bay) and the South African industrial hub (Johannesburg) so we get lots of interesting stuff passing through for domestic consumption and in transit to the north (Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, even Tanzania).

Here are some terribly exciting pictures of big things (and a few normal sized trucks) seen on the roads of Botswana:


Transformer stuck on the A1 outside Francistown.
Transformer stuck on the A1 outside Francistown.

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