Degree Confluence 20S 22E: My First

The Idea

I’ve been aware of the Degree Confluence Project for a while now, and despite there being some unvisited confluences not too far from home I never got round to visiting them.

A few days ago a friend and I were putting the world to rights under the influence of anti-malarial medication, we got to the pleasures of following trails to see where they go, and my memory was refreshed. A visit to the DCP website for Botswana revealed an unvisited confluence not far from where we work, and having passed within a few kilometres earlier in the year I knew it would be possible to get with about 15km.

Remnants of self-medication session to prevent malarial infection.
Prevents malaria, but may cause bad ideas.

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Installed Programmes

Start_ButtonSome time ago I bought a new desktop computer for work (mainly) and spent a while setting it up just the way I like it.  My laptop is set up pretty much the same way, some software is on both computers and some is on only one or the other.

This is an aide-mémoire for me as and when I may need to reinstall or setup a new machine, and maybe useful for you in finding a piece of software that does something useful for you.

For what it’s worth, I’m a civil engineer/project manager by day with interests in geography/mapping, DIY, fitness, computing and listening to funky music when I’m off-duty.

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