When The Stars Come Out

Last week was hectic, with work meetings in Tsabong and Sowa (thankfully the company stumped up for me to fly to and from Francistown, so not entirely awful).

A Week On The Road: Bring Me My Cessna

Now I’m back in Tsabong to do some site measurements with our South African stainless steel fabrication specialist, and […]

Francistown's Spaghetti Road

For anybody looking for plans and renderings of Francistown’s new Spaghetti Road – currently under construction and causing all manner of traffic chaos.

Francistown Spaghetti Junction – 3D Render

Francistown Spaghetti Junction – Plan

Trucking Botswana

Botswana is on one of the main transit routes from the coast (Durban, Walvis Bay) and the South African industrial hub (Johannesburg) so we get lots of interesting stuff passing through for domestic consumption and in transit to the north (Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, even Tanzania).

Here are some terribly exciting pictures of big things […]

Road Trip Time-lapse – Francistown to Letlhakane

February 2015

Summer morning journey from Francistown to Letlhakane along the A30.