Metsimotlhaba - River Things

Went out on a little bicycle ride this morning that took me past Mmopane down to the Metsimotlhaba River, through Metsimotlhaba village and almost (but not quite) to Gabane before heading back past Mogoditshane.

For me cycling gives me time to reflect on life, the universe and everything. Once I got down to the river my […]


Following a rather grumpy holiday period I’m trying to be more positive this year, and as one of the ways to try and overcome this I’m going to try and write more.

I used to be quite good at creative writing (A-grades in GCSE English Language and Literature), but years of more “applied” activity have left […]

Audi A6 C5 Brake Light Failure (And Repair)

After a couple of weeks driving the Range after its overhaul I reverted to the Audi for financial reasons.

Found no cruise control (#firstworldproblem) and, more worryingly, a permanently-lit ABS warning light.  Testing on a quiet stretch of road confirmed that ABS was inactive.

I did the obvious checks on brake fluid and fuses without finding anything […]