Book – I Contain Multitudes

I have read other books since my last post, just haven’t got round to writing anything about them yet (might also be that they are books one isn’t ready to confess to reading, yet).

I’ve been following Ed Yong for a while on Ed Yong – Twitter but wasn’t aware that he had written a proper book, I had only seen his newspaper and magazine articles/columns.

The full title of his book is Amazon Link: I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life and will change the way you look at anti-microbials.

No more anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for me, thank you.

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Book – A Short History Of Nearly Everything

Still working on the writing habit, so what better excuse for a post than to review a book.

My mum introduced me to Bill Bryson books and I read some of his travel/cultural writings way back before my emigration (and also his slots on Radio 4, if I remember correctly. I picked this one up from Exclusive Books in Gaborone Sandton City (according to the price label, it’s dated 2011 so probably from when I went on a Civil Designer training course).

A Short History Of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson
A Short History Of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson

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Rebooting Life

Some time ago I commented in a post about trying to post more as a way of getting variety in my life.  A noble intention, but life has kept getting in the way, and I found I was tending towards angry, ranty posts due to the frustrations all around.

Suffice to say things came to a head in the last couple of months and I actually booked myself a counseling session with a psychologist.

Self Help bookshelf
Not sure what message the book shop staff are sending with this.

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