Domestic Rain Water Harvesting - Botswana

With water shortages being in the news for the last few years the question of “Why can’t we catch this water and use it?” pops up on Botswana Twitter.

One of the popular solutions, and frequently implemented on government staff houses in rural areas, is to put gutters on houses and direct the collected rainwater into […]

Francistown's Spaghetti Road

For anybody looking for plans and renderings of Francistown’s new Spaghetti Road – currently under construction and causing all manner of traffic chaos.

Francistown Spaghetti Junction – 3D Render

Francistown Spaghetti Junction – Plan

Trucking Botswana

Botswana is on one of the main transit routes from the coast (Durban, Walvis Bay) and the South African industrial hub (Johannesburg) so we get lots of interesting stuff passing through for domestic consumption and in transit to the north (Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, even Tanzania).

Here are some terribly exciting pictures of big things […]

Orange Botswana - Worst Service Ever

Just sent an email to Orange Botswana complaining about their unreliable service.

Probably won’t make any difference but maybe some negative comments will show on search results for them…

Scroll down to the bottom for some other highlights from a local Consumer Watchdog Facebook page.

Letter of complaint begins:

I am now at an all-time low with Orange Botswana […]