Mine (Hazardous) Waste Disposal - Francistown Landfill

There’s a story in today’s Mmegi (online, at least – I haven’t seen a paper edition) about discussions between the Botswana Chamber of Mines (a NGO representing various mining operations in the country) and City of Francistown Council about the possibility of disposing of chemical waste at Francistown landfill (aka Dumela Landfill as it is […]

A Curious Tale Of An Under-Performing Internet Connection

One of the things you get used to around these parts is waiting for pages to load, so having been spoiled by an ADSL line almost to myself for a year the adjustment to sharing a line with other people felt like running in sand.

One of the things my new boss pushed in my direction […]

Road Trip Time-lapse – Francistown to Letlhakane

February 2015

Summer morning journey from Francistown to Letlhakane along the A30.

Road Trip Time-lapse - Francistown to Gaborone

May 2015

Winter afternoon journey from Francistown to Gaborone along the A1.