A Curious Tale Of An Under-Performing Internet Connection

One of the things you get used to around these parts is waiting for pages to load, so having been spoiled by an ADSL line almost to myself for a year the adjustment to sharing a line with other people felt like running in sand.

One of the things my new boss pushed in my direction was to see whether we should upgrade the office broadband. In 2014 they had requested to our ISP (Bytes Technology Group) to upgrade them from 1.024Mb/s to 2.048Mb/s (I can hear many of my overseas readers chortling at this), but nobody really noticed a change and page loading was still sluggish at best.

Speedtest: Bytes Tech Group / BTC in Gaborone
Speedtest: Bytes Technology Group / BTC to a server in Gaborone – paying for 2.048Mb/s.

The shock came when I logged on to the modem-router and found that it was reporting our line speed as 1.024Mb/s… a year after the upgrade was requested and billing increased accordingly. Continue reading “A Curious Tale Of An Under-Performing Internet Connection”