Raspberry Pi Headless Music Machine

One of the motivations for getting my amplifier working again was the need to listen to music on a system with more depth and weight than a set of Logitech 2.1s can provide.

Since I left my CD collection in the UK my sources are all mp3, with a Soundcloud habit as well.

So, how to listen?  […]

Orange Botswana - Worst Service Ever

Just sent an email to Orange Botswana complaining about their unreliable service.

Probably won’t make any difference but maybe some negative comments will show on search results for them…

Scroll down to the bottom for some other highlights from a local Consumer Watchdog Facebook page.

Letter of complaint begins:

I am now at an all-time low with Orange Botswana […]

A Curious Tale Of An Under-Performing Internet Connection

One of the things you get used to around these parts is waiting for pages to load, so having been spoiled by an ADSL line almost to myself for a year the adjustment to sharing a line with other people felt like running in sand.

One of the things my new boss pushed in my direction […]

Home Energy Monitor Feed

I’m fascinated by numbers (logging my exercise, monitoring the weather, logging fuel consumption) and started logging how much electricity we use at home by reading the meter.  We recently installed a solar hot water system and recent turmoil in Botswana’s power supply got me thinking about solar electricity – so how much energy do we […]