Raspberry Pi Headless Music Machine

One of the motivations for getting my amplifier working again was the need to listen to music on a system with more depth and weight than a set of Logitech 2.1s can provide.

Since I left my CD collection in the UK my sources are all mp3, with a Soundcloud habit as well.

So, how to listen?  […]

Rotel Repair

Back in the mists of time (1997) when compact discs ruled and I had access to second-hand CD shops I blew a portion of my student loan on a cheap(ish) Rotel stereo amplifier, Technics CD player and KEF Coda 9 floor standing speakers (the KEFs were particularly spectacular with built-in rear-ported passive subs).

My first […]

Pickled Onions

A few years ago I got into a pickled onion habit, a jar wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks and it was getting expensive.

What better solution then than to make my own?  This little post is an aide–mémoire for me and a guide for anybody else that fancies a go.

Pickled onion things.