Long Day To Tsabong

After weeks of preparation and waiting for materials to be delivered we sent our team down to Tsabong on Tuesday with a first-fix of goods.  A final delivery of R70,000 worth of PVC pipes and fittings arrived on Friday and was transhipped to a local transporter together with the remainder of the reverse osmosis membranes […]

Botswana Railways - Coal Train

Work took me back to Botswana Ash at Sowa Pan on Thursday, just another 800km day in the life.

As I went over the railway bridge at Serule there was a coal train passing underneath, I thought it would have made a good picture but the road there isn’t too safe to stop on: narrow and […]

Orange Botswana - Worst Service Ever

Just sent an email to Orange Botswana complaining about their unreliable service.

Probably won’t make any difference but maybe some negative comments will show on search results for them…

Scroll down to the bottom for some other highlights from a local Consumer Watchdog Facebook page.

Letter of complaint begins:

I am now at an all-time low with Orange Botswana […]

Helicopter, photos, GPS, geotags and a copper mine

Some time ago the construction manager on my current project told me about some software that would automatically geotag photographs by matching their date/time with a GPS track. He used to work for BHP Billiton, so the software was hideously expensive.

Experience has taught me that there are free versions of most clever or useful software. […]