Concept 2: 2,500,000m

Nothing too exciting, I guess it could be classed as a silver anniversary level of achievement: I completed my 2,500,000th meter on the Concept 2 indoor rower this morning:

Concept 2: 2,500,000m

Tabata Circuits

I’m not a fan of weight-lifting or hanging out in gyms, and also don’t want to have to lug a heap of equipment round with me (we’ll ignore the mountain bikes and rowing machine, for now) when I move to new projects.

Intervals have featured in my running and rowing sessions, and also form part of […]

Ghetto Tubeless - Fat Bike

Following some chat with @ispydafly following my short post on ghetto tubeless I promised to add some detail on going ghetto with my fatbike.

As usual the internet has plenty of links to people who have done it before, I ended up trying 2 methods.

Ghetto Tubeless

I’ve been running slime-filled tubes since renewing my acquaintance with a mountain bike in Botswana, but after a pleasant 20km ride and 4km walk decided enough was enough: time to go tubeless.

I tried it once before but on old non-tubeless specific tyres and there was too much leakage through the sidewalls. To be honest they […]