Wors Meatball Hotpot


Pickled Onions

A few years ago I got into a pickled onion habit, a jar wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks and it was getting expensive.

What better solution then than to make my own?  This little post is an aide–mémoire for me and a guide for anybody else that fancies a go.

Pickled onion things.


I live among savages*.

Savaged cheese.


Savaged margarine.

 * – those pesky kids.

Mike's Marvellous Muesli Mix

Cornflakes are boring. All Bran is over-hyped. Branded muesli is over-priced and over-rated. Muesli is dangerous.

…some of my views on cereal-based breakfast, so I hack my muesli to make it more interesting and get better value for money.

How good is that?