Soweto Marathon 2017

It’s 10 months since my last post (so much for the “I will write more” resolution), and the theme is the same: I ran another marathon (with another one coming up in just over a month).  Yes, I’m the subject of the joke that goes “How do you know whether somebody has run a marathon?” […]

Metsimotlhaba - River Things

Went out on a little bicycle ride this morning that took me past Mmopane down to the Metsimotlhaba River, through Metsimotlhaba village and almost (but not quite) to Gabane before heading back past Mogoditshane.

For me cycling gives me time to reflect on life, the universe and everything. Once I got down to the river my […]

Bike Video - Gaborone Block 7 SSKB Mogoditshane Mmopane Loop

Quick Sunday night bundu bash out of Gaborone’s Block 7 round SSKB to the edge of Mmopane and back.

(need a new magnet for the cadence sensor)

Makkhalo Loop

Hand-dug well and cattle-trough carved from a tree.

Random rib cage somewhere near Makkhalo, and sand.

Another Saturday Session on the 9:Zero:7, crossed the Nhabe early (in the route, left home a bit late) with the aim of a longer loop out to Makkhalo and back along the Old Maun Road.

The elephant had been down […]