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These pages are all about the weather data collected from our Vantage Pro 2 Plus personal weather station in Matshelagabedi, near Francistown, Botswana.

Vantage Pro 2 Plus Personal Weather Station
Vantage Pro 2 Plus Personal Weather Station

The WeeWX feed is, subject to the vagaries of our ISP, uploaded here.  Data is also sent to Weather Underground and the UK Met Office’s World of Weather.

Wunderground Widget:

Weather Underground PWS INORTHEA6

Updates on the installation below, in reverse chronological order:

June 2014 – Raspberry Pi and weewx

Tired of having to run a PC in order to feed weather data to the internet I started looking at other options, including adding weather duties to the Raspberry Pi running our home energy monitor.

I settled on weewx, since it appeared to be lightweight service with a reasonable degree of “out of the box” functionality but easy to fiddle with later.

Due to poor connectivity I have currently disabled the ftp function: failed uploads were consuming too much bandwidth.  You can follow the link above to Weather Underground, or visit the ftp pages to see the last weewx upload – I tinker with it from time to time.

May 2014 – NOAA Tinkering

I wrote a full blog post about this at the time, in short I adapted a script to archive and index WeatherLink generated NOAA reports.

June 2013 – First Installation

When we bought the station I ordered a USB Davis WeatherLink interface that was connected to a desktop PC.

After some time I decided to try the  WeatherLinkIP, which can upload directly to Davis’s WeatherLink Network. Unfortunately the direct link would never connect: tracert and pinging to the server seemed to come to a dead-end and the Davis customer service/technical support didn’t seem too desperate to try and resolve the issue (“You want to cancel your subscription? Your debit card expires before the annual renewal so we don’t need to do anything”).

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