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So, seems like the fuss about Nasty C has died down and our optimism is back.  A new “first” for Botswana has been touted all over social media, radio stations and at shopping malls.

Yes: Slip N Slide was coming to Gaborone for the long weekend.

Slip n Slide Promo
Slip n Slide Gaborone Promo

Looks fantastic…

I heard one of the promoters being interviewed on radio as I drove to work, it was going to be great: the water slide was 300m long.  Yes, I thought I misheard, but he repeated himself, three hundred metres.  For Gaborone residents that’s the distance from Choppies to Checkers at Game City.

Choppies to Checkers: 300m
Choppies to Checkers: 300m

And where was the event going to be?  Lions’ Park, Serokolwane Lawns, the stadium… No!

Slip n Slide Gaborone Promo
Slip n Slide Gaborone Promo

“Old Gaborone Landfill”

At least it’s been covered and rehabilitated (different colours due to satellite images taken in dry and wet season).

Gaborone Landfill
Gaborone Landfill

I first heard there were issues when I asked my daughter where one of her friends was, “They went to the slip n slide, and then to Lion’s Park.”

Then the stories started on Twitter and Facebook.

Now it’s Sunday and the usual suspects have been curating pictures of the event on Twitter.

One of the other things the radio guy was emphasising is that the water was going to be recirculated through filters and cleaning system to keep it clean and reduce waste.  After all, we’re currently in the middle of a water crisis.  But really, check that picture above.  The water coming out of Glen Valley Wastewater Treatment is cleaner than that.

Treated Sewage Effluent
Treated Sewage Effluent

Of course, it didn’t take Twitter long to respond:

And the organisers published a statement that Day 2 would be fine, all problems would be resolved, met with a vote of confidence:


Please promoters and entrepreneurs, do your homework and be professional about your enterprises.  Botswana has moved on from half-assed events, the population wants excitement, not mediocrity.

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