Seems like there’s a need among “prophets” and “pastors” to “own” business jets in order to better serve their victims congregations. To save me turning to Google for the debunking I’ve decided to keep notes here .

Please don’t be taken in by self-appointed preachers promising wealth, health and happiness: you get that by your own ingenuity.

From one of the articles linked below:

Malawi24 asked a psychologist to interpret what the aim of Bushiri was in making the lies.

“Bushiri is a conman, he pulls all these stunts to impress desperate people. The aim is that when people see that they will be convinced he has the message from God and will give him their money. In the end, his business is just on track,” said the psychologist who opted for anonymity.


The first one I became aware of earlier this year was Prophet Bushiri, who according to reports was taking delivery of his third business jet. A cursory internet search immediately cast doubt on the veracity of these claims: according to Malawi24 via Nehanda Radio it was apparently the same jet on each occasion.

Maybe by “…taking delivery of his…” they actually meant “…having another junket with a…”?

As of today, 18/12/16, Bushiri’s jet is apparently (based on the VS-ZIP registration quoted in the article) owned by Landonia Trust CC, and has been since 2010 when it was exported from the USA.  And there’s no plausible explanation for him receiving it from a Bombardier representative when it hasn’t been owned by them this century.

Here are a couple of the tweets that sparked this post:

Kofi Danso

This one popped up on Twitter as part of a chain of tweets about pastorpreneurs:

However, the registration N180NE is ridiculously easy to trace and shows the aircraft belongs to Business Aircraft Leasing Inc. (I trust the FAA slightly more than PlaneLogger for American registrations).



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