Crispy Roast Potatoes

We like our potatoes roasted:  parboil them with the skins on, then drain, transfer to an oven tray and baste with oil.

The problem was that we couldn’t get them really crispy.  Then in a conversation with my brother all became clear.

The best potatoes for roasting are floury ones (floury potatoes tend to turn to mush faster when overcooked), but the potatoes available locally are not particularly floury.  The solution: after draining put some flour in the pan and tumble the potatoes in it.  Then deposit the floury potatoes in the oven tray, baste with oil and nuke them at a high temperature.

Entry into the blogosphere

After a few months working on Joomla and starting up a few websites I thought it was time to broaden my horizons and try WordPress.

Rather than rolling it out on a commercial site and having to ride the learning curve whilst keeping a client happy I have decided to use it for my own blog.  When we get connected at home the other family members may join the fray.

I have set it up on my own webspace which is hosted at Brinkster on a Windows server with php and MySQL (more on that in another post, another day).

WordPress was easy to upload and configure, and I have already added a Google AdSense plugin, Easy AdSense, and the Atahualpa theme which has a ridiculous number of options – so you can expect this blog to do some shapeshifting in the coming days, weeks and months.

I also added my Google Analytics tracking code to the site so I can monitor comings and goings on the site.