Entry into the blogosphere

After a few months working on Joomla and starting up a few websites I thought it was time to broaden my horizons and try WordPress.

Rather than rolling it out on a commercial site and having to ride the learning curve whilst keeping a client happy I have decided to use it for my own blog.  When we get connected at home the other family members may join the fray.

I have set it up on my own webspace which is hosted at Brinkster on a Windows server with php and MySQL (more on that in another post, another day).

WordPress was easy to upload and configure, and I have already added a Google AdSense plugin, Easy AdSense, and the Atahualpa theme which has a ridiculous number of options – so you can expect this blog to do some shapeshifting in the coming days, weeks and months.

I also added my Google Analytics tracking code to the site so I can monitor comings and goings on the site.

Author: Michael

Parent, husband and civil engineer born and raised in Britain before emigrating to Botswana. Interests in construction, information technology, fitness, mechanics and mapping, among others.

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