Hilux on Van Rhyns Pass
BABS, my Hilux, at the top of Van Rhyns Pass on the way back to Botswana.

My Old Faithful: a 1994 Toyota Hilux 4×4 double-cab with the 22R 2.4 litre petrol engine.

I bought it in 2001 with something like 140,000km on the odometer, one careful owner who had retired to the Cape and taken the car with him.  This meant I had to go and collect it: a 5 day adventure over the Independence Day public holiday.

Since then BABS has worked hard and now sits on 510,000km in semi-retirement carrying rubbish to the tip, collecting building materials and acting as stand-in when other vehicles are out of service.

The only major interventions have been engine rebuilds after timing chain failure: the first one top-end only and the second a full strip-down.

BABS’ thirst.

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