Tabata Bodyweight and Kettlebell Circuits

10kg KettlebellsI’m not a fan of weight-lifting or hanging out in gyms, and also don’t want to have to lug a heap of equipment round with me (we’ll ignore the mountain bikes and rowing machine, for now) when I move to new projects.

Intervals have featured in my running and rowing sessions, and also form part of the hundredpushups / twohundredsitups / twohundredsquats / onefiftydips / twentyfivepullups programmes that I have toyed with at various points in the last few years.

When I then discovered kettlebells and Tabata, what better thing than to combine them? Continue reading “Tabata Bodyweight and Kettlebell Circuits”

Ghetto Tubeless

I’ve been running slime-filled tubes since renewing my acquaintance with a mountain bike in Botswana, but after a pleasant 20km ride and 4km walk decided enough was enough: time to go tubeless.

I tried it once before but on old non-tubeless specific tyres and there was too much leakage through the sidewalls. To be honest they were a bit old…

So, Ghetto Tubless, attempt #2. Continue reading “Ghetto Tubeless”

Installed Programmes

Start_ButtonSome time ago I bought a new desktop computer for work (mainly) and spent a while setting it up just the way I like it.  My laptop is set up pretty much the same way, some software is on both computers and some is on only one or the other.

This is an aide-mémoire for me as and when I may need to reinstall or setup a new machine, and maybe useful for you in finding a piece of software that does something useful for you.

For what it’s worth, I’m a civil engineer/project manager by day with interests in geography/mapping, DIY, fitness, computing and listening to funky music when I’m off-duty.

I’ll discuss the hardware in another post on another day, this is for software only. Continue reading “Installed Programmes”